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Hello everyone, my name is Helen Conner and I'm a Certified Nurses Assistant. And I'd like to welcome you to my web site, CNA Training. I always had a dream of working in the health care industry, but knew it would be difficult due to financial and time constraints. But there is a way to make your healthcare provider dreams come true -- become a certified nurses assistant! On this site I'll be giving you advice and writing articles about the many different facets of this exciting and rewarding industry. I hope you'll read some articles and and inform yourself before taking the next step towards your new career. Good luck!

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Free CNA Classes

The healthcare field is slated to grow in leaps and bounds in the next decade. In keeping with this trend, there will be a need for healthcare professionals in all areas including hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Among all the employees that work in the healthcare industry or hospitals today, the nursing profession has been said to be the most crucial. This is due to the fact that a nursing assistant is in direct contact with the patients.

With the increasing importance that is attributed to the nursing assistant, equal importance is being given to CNA classes. These are training classes for CNA certification exams. CNA certification exams are given in order to obtain a job in the field of nursing. A CNA certification course normally costs anything from a few hundreds dollars up to a few thousand. Not many parents would be able to afford this kind of money for their child’s education, especially if they are from the low income class, but there are many private and government institutions that subsidise such education. In short, they provide free CNA classes for students who wish to appear for the CNA certification exams.

These free CNA classes are run especially for those students who cannot take an educational loan in order to study for CNA certification. They mainly cater to that strata of society who do not have the financial resources to pursue education. But yet, their children would like to take up lucrative career options that are available in the industry.

Locating free CNA classes is a task in itself. Ideally, free CNA classes should be just that, free. But most of the free CNA classes expect something in return from the CNA applicant in return for the training that they have taken part in. This is in keeping with the proverb “there is no free lunch”. But there are a few institutions that run free CNA classes just for the purpose of training applicants of the less privileged class of society and therefore do not expect anything in return.