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Hello everyone, my name is Helen Conner and I'm a Certified Nurses Assistant. And I'd like to welcome you to my web site, CNA Training. I always had a dream of working in the health care industry, but knew it would be difficult due to financial and time constraints. But there is a way to make your healthcare provider dreams come true -- become a certified nurses assistant! On this site I'll be giving you advice and writing articles about the many different facets of this exciting and rewarding industry. I hope you'll read some articles and and inform yourself before taking the next step towards your new career. Good luck!

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How to Become a Nursing Assistant

In the coming years, healthcare will be the profession to be in. This will lead to an increase in demand for healthcare professionals. In demand will be professionals at all levels right from the nursing assistant to high end surgeons. Among all of these professions, the certified nursing assistant is the most critical. It is critical because it is a front line function, and one that is directly interacting with the patients. Apart from interacting with the patients. CNA training provides applicants with the basic knowledge about medical care, emergency first aid, knowing how to assist patients with physical disabilities, mental disorders and other healthcare needs.

Although these functions are certified by the designated authority, they do not get the status of a licensed profession. This is because; holders of this certificate are not considered license holders. However, they can easily practice as a nursing assistant. This is done by the certification that they obtain by taking CNA training. Thus CNA training is the only appropriate training for the nursing assistant. A normal certified nursing assistant can easily secure a job either in a private healthcare organization or hospital. In the hospitals.

A certified nursing assistant, works under the supervision of a nurse in a hospital. Although, there are many organizations conducting healthcare training, only a few nursing aide courses are appropriate for practicing as a certified nursing assistant. There are both the online courses and the classroom courses for CNA certification. Applicants generally prefer the classroom course, whereas people who are serving in another job, prefer to take up the online courses. The CNA certification exam is administered by the state. Although a majority of the courses are charging fees for training, there do exist some organizations that are doing social service, by conducting free CNA training.