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CNA Certification Training

The profession of a nursing assistant is gaining a lot of prominence thanks to the fact that the prospects of healthcare sector is growing. A typical certified nursing assistant, who works under the guidance of a nurse is much in demand thanks to the increase in the patient’s healthcare needs. This increase is a direct result of improvement in the quality of medicines that are available in the market today. This has not only increased life expectancy, but has also improved the quality of medical care that the patients get today. This has impacted the number of training schools for nursing assistants.

With an increase in demand, the number of training schools offering this course has multiplied exponentially. The job of a typical nursing assistant is to work under a qualified nurse and provide medical care to sick patients. The nature of care could be giving assistance in performing their everyday chores, administering injections, giving medicine at scheduled times, making the patient’s beds, reading and collecting the information about the patient’s medical condition from a chart. These individuals performing this function require to have a great deal of patience.

A certified nursing assistant provides care for the physically injured or disabled, or mentally ill. They invariably care for individuals in hospitals, retirement homes, and mental health wards. This breed of workers has also been referred to as direct care workers as they form the front line of personnel when understanding the patient’s health. They perform the role of the eyes and ears of the healthcare industry looking after sick patients. In order to work as a nursing assistant, we need to complete a certification exam called the CNA exam. There are a huge amount of options or cna courses which can help you train for a CNA certification. Depending upon the state from where you are taking up the course, a typical CNA course lasts from several weeks to several months to complete.

However, the minimum requirement is 75 hours of prescribed training and the passing of the competency certification exam. The students who have completed this exam, gain entry into the state registry of nursing professionals as one of the certified nursing assistants. Although, some states may prescribe additional training before a CNA can take up a job, others make do with only a CNA certification exam.

Candidates who take up the CNA certification exams, and clear them obtain jobs typically in hospitals, long term care facilities (nursing homes), retirement centres and mental institutions. CNA employment could also include the popular home care and private nursing sector. As mentioned earlier, some states may prescribe an additional qualification after appearing for CNA certification test, in order to practise in that particular state as a certified nursing assistant.